Bawaslu admonishes KPU, BPN: Various cases of election fraud brought to light

Ferry Mursiyadin Baldan. (photo:

IO, Jakarta The Prabowo-Sandiaga National Success Team (BPN) seem to be pleased with the Election Supervisory Body’s (Bawaslu) decision to reprimand the KPU for inaccurate data inputs in its vote counting system (Situng) and for institutions that conducted quick counts. The decision confirms various cases of fraud first brought to light by the BPN.

“The notion that the fraud report delivered by the BPN was a hoax has been destroyed. Bawaslu’s decision proves that the fraud cases revealed did indeed happen,” said BPN Spokesperson Agnes Marcelina in a discussion titled Speak the Truth, Fight against Fraud in the Prabowo-SandiagaMedia Center, Jalan Sriwijaya, South Jakarta on Friday (05/17/2019).

Agnes also urged the Bawaslu follow up on the indication that the fraud which started from before campaigning to after the election has been structural, systematic, and massive.

“The Bawaslu’s decision must be guarded. The KPU’s vote counting process must be stopped as it is based on incorrectdata and methodologies. Remember, the people are now also watching over. The Bawaslu and the KPU are hoped to be able to be honest, fair, neutral, and transparent,” asserted Agnes.

BPN Volunteer Director Ferry Mursyidan Baldan asked the KPU to immediately follow up on its decision by stopping the vote counting process as the KPU has been deemed to be neglectful towards the various election violations occurring in the field. 

“When there is a process of neglect which has not made corrections towards cases of election regulation violations, we see this pattern as being systematic,” said Ferry.

Concerning the issues surrounding KPU’s Situng, Ferry urged for there to promptly be a forensic audit on KPU’s ITS system. Ferry believes that through a forensic audit all irregularities in the vote recapitulation process will be revealed.

(Vote) recapitulation is a very open process. It is done in an open and clear place. Let us do a forensic audit. The KPU has data, the TKN (Jokowi’s campaign team) has data, BPN also has data, let us open this in a public space,” said Ferry. (dsy)