Batik and a “Kartini Generation”

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – To celebrate the upcoming Kartini Day on 21 April 2021, GranDhika Iskandarsyah Hotel Jakarta, a hotel managed by Hotel GranDhika Indonesia under PT Adhi Commuter Properti, will be collaborating with the Provincial Tourism and Creative Economics Office of DKI Jakarta to organize a “Batik and the Current Generation Kartinis” exhibition. The event showcases modern batik creations from 7-30 April 2021 in the lobby of GranDhika Iskandarsyah Hotel Jakarta. 

Exhibitors have been selected from among Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Businesses (Usaha Mikro Kecil Menengah – “UMKM”) mentored by the Office, including Klambi Abite (combination batik and lurik, or traditional striped motif cloth, produced in the ethnic fashion genre by Noviatry Metri Mudita), Pinkapicca Craft (various batik fashion items by Amalia Rachmadhani, including hats, sandals, cloth masks, and bags), and Tiba (modern batik clothing for Millennials by Selvia Lie). 

On the special day itself, Hotel GranDhika Iskandarsyah Jakarta plans to hold a fashion show of the UMKM products exhibited in their lobby, as well as a talk show involving the current generation of “Kartinis” behind them. The talk show will discuss ways for today’s girls and women to become current-day Kartinis, by being tough, innovative, and inspiring – without losing their unique essence as women distinct from men. These events naturally implement the strict health protocols of mask-wearing, hand-washing, and distance-keeping. 

All UMKM exhibitors here are women who strongly represent the current generation of Kartinis. “We hold this event in order to show our appreciation of today’s Kartinis, especially UMKM female entrepreneurs who keep on working with innovations and creativity in their respective fields,” said Adi Sampurno, GranDhika Iskandarsyah Hotel Jakarta’s General Manager in a press conference held at the Hotel’s Kalandara Restaurant. 

Also present at the press conference was Helma Dahlia, representing the Provincial Tourism and Creative Economics Office of DKI Jakarta in her capacity as Head of the Creative Economics division. She stated that the Office’s collaboration with the Hotel is a positive expression that provides a forum for mentored UMKMs to promote and showcase original products from the nation’s daughters. “We are strongly pleased with this collaboration. We hope that in the future, the Hotel, the Provincial Tourism and Creative Economics Office, and the mentored UMKMs can continue to advance and cooperate for the sake of advancing Indonesia’s tourism and creative economies,” she said.