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Baron Basuning’s 20-year solo exhibition


IO, Jakarta – Baron Basuning artist held a solo exhibition of abstract art entitled “NOOR” which means light. The exhibition lasts for one month from 8 January to 8 February 2018 at the National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta. The Baron presents 38 abstract art works which at the same time mark 20 years of his work in the world of art. During his visit to various mosque buildings abroad, Baron discovered the wealth of abstract art through architecture that became more beautiful due to some light.

He uses the NOOR theme because of his belief in Islam which states ‘the Divine’ is expressed as something Nir-Rupa, abstract or without figure, can be interpreted as the peak of all light. Inspired by this, it inspired him to take the idea of ​​heritage buildings of the Taj Mahal Islamic culture, Al Hambra with all its history. He revealed extraordinary inner experiences through brush strokes on canvas. Exhibition curator Eddy Soetriyono said that the experience of being in the holy places illuminated by light allowed Baron able to give birth to very touching abstract works.

“Unlike the dome of other Islamic buildings, the dome of the Alhambra mosque displays abstract trimata which emanates beautifully because the light is reflected through glass media,” Eddy said.

This proves that the building or Islamic architecture is not merely a matter of calligraphy, geometry, and arabesque. Baron said that the main theme of Noor is an expression of emotion and its expression of human beings and nature that are walking towards light, namely the Creator. In his works Baron expresses the euphemism of concern, anxiety, joy, happiness, and love that can be enjoyed by art lovers.

“These works are a blend of inner experience and strong memories of places that have been visited,” said Baron. He hopes, his works can bring peace to the audience.

Baron Basuning himself has the background of an activist and journalist in the Erros Djarot community, when he was young he had the opportunity to travel to various parts of the world and unwittingly often produced works that were a combination of inner experience and strong memories in places he had visited. His strong love for his homeland and ancestors also influenced Baron in his work and chose this theme of exhibiting at the current National Gallery.

In his 20 years of working in the world of art, he has held 12 solo exhibitions and several joint exhibitions. In 2012-2013 he was invited to the Agora Gallery, New York to showcase some of his works. For him, there is no limit that blocks delusion especially when facing objects or figures that have not been identified. The figure or shape he painted on the canvas is not part of what is found in the real world. This is what Basuning strives for in each of his works.

The works on display at the National Gallery include Beyond (acrylic on canvas, 90x160cm, 2018), Night Painting (acrylic on canvas 240x200cm, 2018), Angel (acrylic on canvas 200x240cm), and Balance (acrylic on canvas, 360x240cm, 2018 ) etc. (Aldo)


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