Bareskrim seizes dozens of vehicles belonging to ACT

ACT’s assets seized by Bareskrim. (Source: Police public relations archives/CNN Indonesia)

Jakarta, IO – The National Police’s Criminal Investigation Department’s (Bareskrim) special economic crimes directorate (Dittipideksus) confiscated assets belonging to Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Foundation on Wednesday (27/7).

“The assets comprising 44 cars and 12 motorbikes have been confiscated from ACT general affairs head Subhan,” said National Police spokesperson Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan, as reported by CNN Indonesia, Thursday (28/7).

Ramadhan said the confiscated assets are kept at the Waqf Distribution Center (WDC) Building, Global Wakaf Corpora on Jalan Serpong Parung Number 57 Bogor, West Java.

“There is limited storage space for evidence in the Police headquarters. The location where the assets are kept is a warehouse, there is a lock and it is closed, so it is safe,” he said.