Bandung Zoo opens a veterinary nurse program for students

Kebun Binatang Bandung
A scene at the Bandung Zoo. (Source: Media Indonesia)

Bandung, IO – Bandung Zoo has opened a veterinary nurse program for junior high and high school students. The three-day program aims for students who are having holiday break. Spokesperson Sultan Syafii said the program is open for public, but there will be certain criteria applied to screen a number of students who will be selected and trained for three days at the Bandung Zoo.

“This is the second time it has been held and is open to the public. Interested students can send a 30-second video by mentioning their name and reasons why they want to take part in activities or training to become an animal keeper or nurse,” said Sultan, Okezone reported on Tuesday (21/6).

In addition to sending videos, registrants must also include their resume via direct message on Instagram at the Bandung Zoo. “The animals that will take part in the program are reptiles, herbivores, carnivores and birds. The selected participants will be trained on how to care for animals, how to feed and how to handle them,” said Sultan.

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On the third day, an evaluation will be conducted and certificates given out. To join the program, each selected participant will have to pay Rp380,000 to cover the cost of equipment and lunch.

“During the program, participants will be closely monitored by experienced animal keepers. Those who are selected will enjoy this rare experience of being trained directly by our dedicated animal caretakers,” he said. (un)