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Bambang Widjojanto hopes Bawaslu has bravery to uphold justice


IO, Jakarta – Bambang Widjojanto stated that he believes suspicions of fraud going on during the election process has finally been confirmed. “So, with a that, the noises in the public, statements of fraud from the public, the early indications are now being vindicated. It turns out problems with input procedures have happened,” said Bambang

According to Bambang, the Bawalsu’s verdict is problematic as it contains statements which are unclear and need further explanation.

“What is interesting is the verdict requests fixes. If asking for fixes, it need to be fixed. If that (data input) is not stopped, that means the inputs continue, and there will certainly still be mistakes. That is the problem of Bawaslu’s verdict.

So, they (Bawaslu) admin there are inaccuracies but it isn’t stopped, it must be fixed. Meanwhile the thing data which must be fixed continues to be inputted,” concluded Bambang.

There were also several points which remained unclear, according to Bambang.

One of which included the details asked by the Bawaslu to the KPU. “If they are asked so they can be corrected, they must need time to correct it, they haven’t given a timeframe for that. Also, when they have corrected it inline with what the Bawaslu wants. What if it is still problematic? So, this must be supervised,” he said.

“While it is being corrected, the input process will continue, that means there is a justification for the inaccuracies all along that cannot yet be corrected,” continued Bambang.

As a result, Bambang has asked Bawaslu to act more bravely as if they were, Bambang is certain that that their verdict would be better.

“That is the reason this verdict, if the Bawaslu was braver and sided with the public’s interests, its verdict perhaps would be much better,” said Bambang.

Other then that, Bambang also hoped that the Bawaslu had the bravery to uphold justice.

As according to Bambang, the verdict announced by Bawaslu was based on based on reports from May, 2019.

“This is a verdict that was based on a report delivered in early May. What I have heard is that the report relating to TSM (structural, systematic, massive [fraud]) was only delivered last Friday. If so, hopefully Bawaslu has even more bravery to state the truth,” said Bambang

Bambang also expressed his own suspicions relating to election fraud.

According to him, the KPU should investigate the people who have been alleged to have input inaccurate data into the Situng as Bambang suspects the inaccuracies were not purely a result of human error.

“What is most interesting now, the indication of fraud that has been revealed all this time by the public has been shown to be true slowly. One of which has been human error. But has the KPU investigates the people who are said to have made those human errors? It turns out this isn’t just about the quality of the one verifying but rather there is a bias,’ said Bambang.

Continuing his statement, Bambang said that if the individuals who made the mistakes were further investigated, the truth would be revealed.

We would then know whether or not the inaccuracies were purposeful, and if so, legal action could be taken.

“If there is a bias, this might be something which is criminal. As they have input something which differs from the facts. As in Article 536 of Law No. 7/2017,” continued Bambang.

Elucidating his last statement, Bambang asked a rhetorical question to the KPU.

Are you sure the input data inaccuracies are purely because of human error or has there been human order?

“So, now the question is whether this is human error or human error and are these inaccuracies on mistaken inputs or have they been done purposefully? Or is there an indication of election law violations? asked Bambang. (dsy)


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