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Baca di Tebet, managing knowledge through books


Jakarta, IO – Visitors seemed to come and go when Observerid visits the ‘Baca di Tebet’ library on 29 Tebet Raya Dalam St., Jakarta. The library is still relatively new, founded by Wien Muldian with Kanti W. Janis on February 20, 2022.

“Look, they come one by one. Seeing them gives me joy. Sometimes I sit here for a long time just to pay attention to visitors,” said Wien Muldian with a smile.

Baca di Tebet

The University of Indonesia (UI) graduate seemed even more enthusiastic when visitor came with a box of books. “Without any notification, they are moved to donate their own books,” added Wien.

Several years ago, Wien and Kanti W. Janis, a writer and lawyer, met and took the initiative to open a public library. They found an empty two-story building in Tebet, South Jakarta which they renovated into a relaxing room for reading as well as eating and drinking. This was how Baca di Tebet (BDT) came into existence.


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