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B-Steak, Gading Serpong’s favorite steakhouse


IO – Gading Serpong in Tangerang is a favorite culinary area for Jakartans. Various restaurants compete, in offering delicacies. During peak hours people line up to get into restaurants, one of which is B-Steak. 

Right in front of the entry door, two parking slots are unused. They are vacated to allow in-car dining. So, don’t park there just yet! 

Many people crave steak, and they wait patiently for their turn to enter the restaurant. 

Onion rings
Onion rings

Entering into the restaurant after washing your hands, you will be welcomed by a friendly waiter, asking how many people are there in your party. He let us in since we had booked a table for a birthday celebration. 

We occupied a space for 12 people. The room is more comfortable now that the pandemic means restaurant capacity is restricted – better than seeing too many guests at one time. Our area is safe and separated from others. 

The dark green-painted room is decorated with appealing photo frames. A large flower vase is located in the center of the table. 

In-car dining to anticipate pandemic eating-out

By the time we arrived, those who got in earlier had ordered Onion Rings and Nachos in Spinach Sauce. The light snack was a perfect appetizer before we ordered our main course. 

When the waiter handed us the menu, we observed how this restaurant obviously offers many specialties, and not just steaks. Pasta and Pancakes are also the chef-d’oeuvre here. Pancakes are stacked, and they put candles on top for the “Make-a-wish” moment. 

Precisely by our room’s door, there is a meat pie stand, with assorted fillings: Steak, Bacon & Cheese and Spinach & Cheese Meat Pies. I opted for the medium-well Filet Mignon, a tender piece of meat containing less fat. Weighing 200 grams, the Filet Mignon would only cost you IDR 150,000 with creamed spinach and potato wedges for the side dish, covered in mushroom sauce. 

Potato wedges
Potato wedges

Not long afterward, one order at a time arrived; each was complemented with warm garlic bread. My Filet Mignon finally came and it was indeed a gentle and well-seasoned steak. The medium-well portion was also quite fulfilling. 

A variety of drinks are available for you to order. My niece requested a glass of Mojito and I went for the soda drink. Coffee lovers would surely enjoy their visit here since B-Steak also provides coffees, which I prefer to avoid at night. (cae)


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