Aysha Azzahra wins a Second in the 2021 Indonesia Model UN

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Aysha Azzahra Bach- mimsyah, student of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia, class of 2020 won 2nd prize for Most Outstanding Delegate in the 2021 Indonesia Model United Na- tions (MUN). Indonesia MUN is or- ganized by the University of Indo- nesia MUN Club and the highlight of the announcement or Awarding Night is held online. 

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation conference of the United Nations (UN) that hones participants to gain the ability to become diplomats. This conference provides a platform for national and international delegations, both in secondary schools and univer- sities, to engage with international issues diplomatically. At this con- ference, there were competitions for English language skills of di- plomacy, negotiation, leadership, impromptu speaking, drafting, and problem-solving skills. 

Aysha is participating for the first time in an international com- petition that was attended by 56 participants. She presented Peru with the topic “Preventing a Hunger Crisis During and After Pandemic”. According to Aysha, this competi- tion was quite challenging because the information about Peru was limited and insignificant on the topic she chose. 

On the first day, she passed the selection process and entered the next round. Aysha managed to lead a group of 25 participants to find the right solution according to her topic. On this second day, Aysha’s self-confidence increased. The group she led had grown to 35 people. Her analytical and negoti- ation skills also improved, as evi- denced by the solutions presented that were acceptable to other par- ticipants. 

“The competition between the participants was very much felt in this competition; for example, there were other participants who tried to argue about bringing down my country, in front of the other par- ticipants. In the end, I managed to become a sponsor and presenter, or leader of this large group. Thank you to the MUN coach and other parties who supported me in this competition,” said Aysha, as quot- ed by Ui.ac.id, Friday (26/2/2021). 

When the competition starts, participants will be tested for their knowledge of the topic, the coun- tries they represent, the UN sys- tem, and the solutions they bring through discussions and debates that arise at the conference. Par- ticipants must always be ready to make speeches in English and de- bate while maintaining diplomatic skills. 

Their opinions and solutions must also be negotiated with other participants, usually numbering 30-90 people. They are required to form a group containing countries and lead the discussion and the running of the group’s agenda. “If we are successful in leading a large group and have a strong enough in- fluence on all the participants, we can be nominated as champions by the judges,” said Aysha. 

Indonesia MUN aims to expand its network of participants and develop public speaking, negotiation, and legal drafting skills to enhance their communities, by learning beyond the confines of the classroom. Through its various activities, Indonesia MUN hopes to increase the spirit of Model United Nations and the ability of delegates as potential leaders of the nation. (est)