Avrist Assurance strengthens group insurance distribution lines

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – PT Avrist Assurance has gradually risen to become one of the 15 best companies in Indonesia, shooting for 2021. In one effort to secure this target, Avrist Assurance focuses on expanding partnerships and improving the quality of Employee Benefits Division (EBD) service distribution channels, which is a distribution channel that handles group insurance. 

This distribution channel focuses on offering insurance programs related to business-to-business (B2B) for companies. Through Avrist Assurance EBD products, companies or institutions can provide protection and added value for employees. 

“We realize that employees are an important part of a company, one that must be protected. One way for this is through the Avrist Assurance EBD Program. The program can be tailored to each company’s needs for protection for its employees,” said J. Alvin Panjaitan, Head of Employee Benefits Division of PT Avrist Assurance. 

Avrist Assurance offers five product categories in its EBD distribution channel. First, group health insurance (Group Health Service) covers outpatient care, hospitalization and surgery, pregnancy care and childbirth, dental care to glasses. This program can be given to employees and their families, including husband or wife and children, according to the needs of each company. 

Second, life insurance (Group Term Life) covers life insurance for deaths, due to either illness or accidents. As a corporate asset, this program is given to employees. It also provides guaranteed protection for the heirs. 

Third, accident insurance (Personal Accident) covers accidents and injuries. This program is given to employees to protect themselves from the risk of injury or accident both during and outside working hours. 

Fourth, Total Permanent Disability insurance covers coverage if the employee experiences total permanent disability. So that it results in the inability to do a job, apply expertise or hold a position to earn income, salary, wages or compensation. 

Fifth, Critical Illness insurance covers 36 critical illnesses that are detected first or detected early. The insurance benefits provide 24-hour protection anywhere, both while working and outside working hours. 

The benefits of protection can be carried out in more than 900 Avrist Assurance partner hospitals throughout Indonesia. Also at Sime Darby Medical Hospital, Malaysia and SMG International Partners, Singapore with non-cash or cashless payment systems. In addition to the two hospitals, treatment at overseas hospitals can be covered through a reimbursement system. 

Avrist Assurance also partners with AdMedika and Fullerton Third Party Administration, which has more than 1,800 Hospital and clinic partners in various regions.