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Avan Seputra: Kobe was his first idol


IO – For Avan Seputra, the Satria Muda’s basketball player, the death of Kobe Bryant represented the loss of a great idol. “My first idol was Kobe; I grew up in his era, not Michael Jordan’s. It turns out that Kobe was later called Jordan’s reincarnation,” Avan said. 

Avan followed Kobe’s journey of achievement, starting from observing his playing style more and more in awe as Kobe, took the team to the finals and became champions. 

Kobe is not only admired for the technique and how to play. “He is also good at bringing teams and making his colleagues even better,” Avan said. 

Kobe was also not a bad boy. Full of responsibility in the field. “If other superstars usually refuse to keep the superstar of the opposing team, Kobe is the opposite. He chooses to keep the most capable and successful opposing players,” Avan said. 

Because he idolized Kobe, Avan only wanted to collect Kobe’s jersey. The same with: his only choice of shoes was that brand worn by Kobe. 

“My wallpapers and phone themes are also about Kobe,” he said. 

Now Kobe has gone; all basketball fans around the world are sad, but Kobe will still be an inspiration. (rp) 


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