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Authentic Indonesian food with a uniqueness at Wyl’s Kitchen


IO, Jakarta – After success with its first outlet located in one of the pres­tigious areas in Jakarta, Veranda Hotel Pakubuwono which is closely located to the business district in Kebayoran Baru, Wyl’s Kitchen has recently opened its new outlet in Puri, West Jakarta and is still in line with Veranda Hotel. As one of the presti­gious restaurants, Wyl’s Kitchen fo­cuses on serving a typical Indonesian food menu that is the favorite of this restaurant. Complementing luxury, Wyl’s Kitchen offers Indonesian menu choices that is complemented with mouth watering international and continental food. To pamper guests, Wyl’s Kitchen comes with a choice of indoor and outdoor dining rooms with a variety of comfortable seating arrangements. Wyl’s Kitchen serves Asian Comfort Cuisine which is dif­ferent in terms of taste, presentation method and menu appearance.

The interior of Wyl’s Kitchen uses a lot of dominant white to impress, it is homey yet has a brighter atmo­sphere. Wooden nuances with white marble give a homey impression to all visitors. Using the interior design, art deco Wyl’s Kitchen Puri further em­phasizes the concept of astyle dining room European-. In the outdoor area, there is a garden that is designed with matching colors, so that the out­door and indoor atmosphere seems to blend together. Besides being a com­fortable place, restaurants are also often used as a place of celebration such as bridal showers, baby show­ers, birthday parties, even weddings.

Highlighting a menu of Indonesian specialties Wyl’s Kitchen is confident enough to use the main ingredients of Iga meat. When I visited Wyl’s Kitchen Puri, I had the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of grilled Iga Fried Rice and Soto Betawi using rib meat. For raw meat, the ribs used by Wyl’s Kitchen deliberately come directly from rib meat from Austra­lia and for some spices using local Indonesian raw materials. Besides that, what is interesting from the food menu in Wyl’s Kitchen is its marina menu. Wyl’s Kitchen intentional­ly uses soy milk to replace coconut milk in its marinated soup. This was revealed by the chef that he wanted the Betawi soto menu to be a more healthy menu without using coconut milk and also the taste of the coconut meat was mild not as thick as using coconut milk.

Wyl’s Kitchen as a restaurant in the Veranda hotel, have visitors who are not only hotel guests but also often visited by young executives for lunch or just meeting with work cli­ents. As one restaurant that provides the needs of Jakarta residents, it re­ally feels right if Wyl’s Kitchen, Inde­pendent Observer recommends you to visit on weekends or just a meeting place with your work partner. Wyl’s Kitchen is open for 7 days a week from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Wyl’s Kitchen understands the needs and quality of the food they serve. (Aldo)


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