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Australian researcher finds lost Indonesian historical documentary film


Jakarta, IO – David Hanan, an Australian researcher and academic from the University of Melbourne, discovered a long-lost Indonesian historical documentary.

Head of the National Archives (ANRI), Imam Guntoro, said Hanan reported the discovery to the Australian Embassy in Indonesia, per Detikcom.

The film concerns the visit of India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, to Indonesia in 1950.

“Indonesia doesn’t have it. But its existence happened to be in Australia and now it has been digitally returned to ANRI. In Indonesia we only have the photos. So it is very important to complete the documentation about the relations between Indonesia and India which were extraordinarily close at that time,” he said Tuesday (5/12).

Meanwhile, Hanan explained that at first he and his fellow researchers did not know that the documentary was evidence of Jawaharlal Nehru’s visit to Indonesia. “They don’t really know where this film comes from and they can’t read it. But I am quite aware that this is a film from Indonesia,” he said.

At that time he thought that the documentary film on Nehru’s visit was also available in Indonesia. Then in 2012, he had the opportunity to conduct research in Indonesia. Hanan continued his research on the documentary. He asked the experts at Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) and the Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ).

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“But no one has ever seen the film. Finally I realized there might be a copy on ANRI,” he continued. Hanan then went to ANRI to confirm the whereabouts of a copy of the documentary.  But ANRI also did not have it.

“I decided I had to find a way to get this film, a digital copy of this film, returned to Indonesia,” he said. On Tuesday (5/12), the documentary finally returned to Indonesia. (rr)


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