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Attended by monks from various countries, here are the 2023 Vesak events at Borobudur


Jakarta, IO – Preparations for Vesak celebration which falls on June 4 continue to be finalized. Religious Affairs Ministry through Buddhist Affairs Directorate General together with Buddhist institutions are working together to ensure the success of the religious festival at Borobudur Temple, Central Java.

Wibowo Prasetyo, special staff to the religious affairs minister, said the celebration of the most sacred day in Buddhism will be attended by monks from many countries, including Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.
“It is an honor that Borobudur Temple has officially become a place of worship for Buddhists, not only for Indonesian Buddhists, but also for Buddhists around the world,” said Wibowo as quoted from an article published on the ministry’s website (27/5).

“There is also a Thudong tradition where monks walk from Thailand to Indonesia to go to Borobudur Temple,” he continued.

Wibowo said Vesak celebration in Indonesia also symbolize togetherness and pluralism. This year, the two largest Buddhist religious organizations in Indonesia, Walubi and Permabudhi, are committed to celebrating Vesak together.

Buddhist Affairs director general Supriyadi explained that there will be a series of activities to celebrate Vesak this year including free health examination on May 30-31 and Eternal Dharma Fire at Mrapen, Grobogan, and a sacred ritual at Mendut Temple on June 2.

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Monks will also bottle blessed water at Umbul Jumprit, Temanggung, and the Mendut Temple ritual will be held on June 3. Finally, Vesak Carnival from Mendut Temple to Borobudur Temple, Vesak countdown, Pradaksina (a procession to circle the Borobudur Temple three times on foot) and lanterns release festival on June 4.

“The lantern release festival marks the closing of the Vesak celebration. The general public can also participate in the Lantern Festival,” said Supriyadi. (un)


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