At an earthquake evacuation center, a car converted into a makeshift mosque

Car mosque
A mobile mosque at a quake survivors shelter in Cianjur. (IO/Ricardo Ronald)

Jakarta, IO – Something unusual can be seen in Prawatasari Park which is being used as a temporary evacuation shelter for quake survivors in Cianjur, West Java.

A car is converted into mosque, complete with taps to perform wudhu (ablution) installed at the rear side of the car. It is also equipped with carpets, prayer mats, pieces of sarong (woven cloth with checkered motifs used by Muslim men for prayer) and mukena (female Muslim prayer cloak), as well as a sound system. The mobile mosque is owned by the Nusantara Mosque Foundation.

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Ridwan, the manager of the car-mosque, said it can help survivors who have difficulty finding a nearby prayer room or mosque to still pray. It is the one and only mobile mosque in Indonesia. According to Ridwan, the mobile mosque was originally created in Jakarta to facilitate residents in fulfilling their religious obligation amid a hectic schedule. (rr)