ASTON Priority Simatupang Hotel recycles waste at Tanjung Burung for National Garbage Care Day

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Environmental problems are still an issue, although currently more people are becoming aware of the environment and start to modify their lifestyles; among other moves, they strive to reduce plastic waste, choosing reusable materials instead of plastic bags, shopping with reusable fabric bags and using stainless steel straws for drinking, instead of disposable plastic ones.

As a hotel that received an IDX Channel Award 2020 in the Sustain-

ability and Social Activities Category, ASTON Priority Simatupang Hotel is collaborating with young community Rasa Empati to carry out environmental activities, including observation of processing waste into fertilizer and plastic recycling, cleaning garbage in the Tanjung Burung Garbage Island, and conservation of mangrove forests, at Tanjung Burung, Banten right on National Garbage Day, February 21, 2021. To this day, Tanjung Burung is one of the locations with

many landfills and is thus a concern to be addressed.

“This event is carried out as our expression of care and responsibility towards our environment. We are not only doing this outside, but we are also reducing plastics in the restaurant, rooms, and our meeting rooms. On top of that, we are collaborating with the garbage bank in processing our waste to make fertilizer,” explained Paundra Hanutama, Director of Marketing Communication.