Association of Indonesian Public Relations Companies launch their Rate Card and Measurement Standards

(photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, JAKARTA – Association of Indone­sian Public Relations Companies (APPRI) launched a set of recommended Rate Card and Measurement Standards for public rela­tions (PR) industry in the country today here. “The standards are developed through dis­cussions by a task force comprising several APPRI member companies in a few months and so we hope for a positive response from the PR industry in Indonesia,” said APPRI Chairman Jojo S. Nugroho during the asso­ciation meet-up.

Also in attendance during the event were two well-known PR Gurus, Maria Wongso­nagoro and Miranti Abidin. Their presence illustrated the importance and the commit­ment that they attached to the progress of APPRI, including the launch of the aforemen­tioned Standards. “This is important for the development of PR industry in Indonesia,” said Maria. Miranti concurred, while adding that such standardization in rate card and measurement had long been desired. “As one of the APPRI founders, this what we have been hoped for and we’re glad that the Stan­dards are finally launched,” Miranti added.

The recommended Standards cover about 18 types of public relations services in which lower tariff have been agreed upon. This includes the cost of services for Media Relations (such as press conference), Media Monitoring, to social media management. “All this time, the measurement of the work of public relations consultants has always been equal to the value in the advertising industry. Therefore, following this launch we hope clients will understand and appreciate it,” said Jojo.

This new APPRI Standardization covers a new formula to measure the results of the publication of media reports, so that the val­ue of publication (PR value) is more accurate and is based on mutual consensus.

“It is important for agencies (public rela­tions and digital) to have the set of recom­mended rate card and measurement stan­dards so that PR industry players are not trapped by a steep price cut strategy, but are more competitive in providing excellent services to clients,” said Jojo. He expressed hope that the APPRI Standardization would mark the beginning of mutual support among the local public relations agencies and the digital agen­cies to collaborate more.

APPRI will distribute the rate card and measurement standards to all corporations that have already been collaborating with PR and digital agencies, or have been plan­ning to use their services in Indonesia, both through work visits and training.