Asabri Flickering

Dahlan Iskan former Minister of State-Owned Enterprises

IO – Asabri’s money might be easier to recover than Jiwasraya’s money.

Asabri has a strong backup. There is no need to point the gun at anyone’s forehead. Also, there is no need to shout.

With just a little wink, anyone should be afraid.

Moreover, they have been arrested by the Attorney General’s Office: Bentjok and Ha Ha. (Namely, Benny Tjokrosaputro and Heru Hidayat).

They – especially Bentjok – possess assets that can be studied. Indeed, the form is not in cash but can be used as money – at any time.

I heard that the two men signed a statement to replace the funds lost in Asabri.

Although in fact, they could both feel they are innocent.

But they certainly do not want the flickering to increase into a glare or anything scarier than that.

The transaction they made with the insurance belonging to the Armed Forces-National Police could indeed be legal. Also, it could have occurred through an open mechanism: the capital market.

But there are victims there. Namely, Asabri. Who bears the future of all members of the Armed Forces and the Police? Whose salary is cut every month by 4.75 percent for retirement reserves and 3.25 percent for retirement benefits?

It could be that Asabri’s directors also pleaded not guilty – legally.

The Asabri Board of Directors does need to invest money – to get higher interest rates.

For this reason, they appoint professional institutions to carry out this money investment.

Directors do not only appoint one institution. But up to 17 companies.

They are an investment management company. Whose job is running other people’s money – professionally.

They are supposed to work for Asabri – who contracted them. But how come Asabri lost 10 trillion Rupiah?

Then they need to be examined as to who they are. Even though they are officially independent.

Well, only 4 of the 17 investment management institutions are not related to Bentjok and Ha Ha.

Most of the others were affiliated with the names of the two conglomerates.

In Jiwasraya it is even worse. Of the 15 investment management companies, only one is not associated with Bentjok and Ha Ha.

These two men are indeed experts at frying stocks. Which is legal in the capital market – as long as nothing is violated.

One of their hobbies is this: finding holes – wherever there are regulatory weaknesses in the capital market.

And they could find the holes – meaning they were good at that.

They also know that there must be someone who gets scorched in the frying process.

Even though it was also the fault of the charred party itself – why did they enter the frying pan?

Only this time the scorched party was Asabri – who can wink.

Then, inevitably, the money must be returned. The porridge must be made into rice again.

Maybe the Asabri money has become land – becoming an asset of a Bentjok or Ha Ha company.

I heard that they were afraid of the flickering. They also have agreed to rectify it.

One way is to surrender land in Serpong – precisely in Maja.

This time Bentjok and Ha Ha hit the stone.

If that happens, indeed, Asabri will be saved. It will not immediately get replacement money. But at least it doesn’t burn.

Especially if the negotiations can be tough – so there’s no need to just blink.

For example, Asabri has lost IDR 10 trillion – exactly how much I don’t know. So then Bentjok hands over land worth IDR 10 trillion.

Looks like it’s settled.

The question is: IDR 10 trillion is equivalent to how many square meters?

So what was the price of the per meter land he valued?

If the land price uses future market prices, it means that Bentjok has still made a handsome profit.

If the land price is based on current market prices, Bentjok has also come out profitable.

This means that Asabri has helped him sell his land.

In large quantities.

Asabri should be entitled to a large marketing commission.

But Bentjok and Ha Ha are unlucky.

Even though Bentjok has broken the rules twice. But he always escapes. He is indeed good at making business scenarios in the capital market.

So members of the Armed Forces and the Police need not worry. All that’s left is what you want to do with the land. Is it for sale? Made a joint venture? Or saved?

It is a challenge and an opportunity at the same time.

Members of the Armed Forces and the Police only need to join in praying more. Every time their salaries are deducted.

But Jiwasraya doesn’t have a backbone that can blink an eye.

Legally it is the customer’s fault – why do you want to buy the products that Jiwasraya has issued?

Many hope that Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Erick Thohir also blinks.

But, it seems, Erick Thohir’s eyes are not wide enough to be able to blink – which can make Jiwasraya’s money come back.

I want to write why it’s the fault of Jiwasraya’s customers. But the novelist Tere Liye has written it down clearly.

I don’t know where he wrote it – I only got posts from friends.

Bentjok and Ha Ha might indeed lose a lot of assets. This time. To make up for their bad luck.

But it’s better – especially if Bentjok and Ha Ha don’t have to go to jail.

Because after being released from prison, they can look for other assets – quite quickly too.

The pan is still there. The kitchen is still there. And the holes might still be there.