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As the monsoon looms, know how to avoid being struck by lightning


As the monsoon looms, know how to avoid being struck by lightning
Illustration of lightning. (Source: Berita Satu)

People are not advised to take shelter under isolated trees or rocks. It is also recommended to avoid areas with a lot of water such as lakes or ponds. Also stay away from objects that easily conduct electricity. Taking cover should also be done for 30 minutes from the first sound of thunder, accompanied by steps to unplug the computer and cellphone charger.

Another thing that must also be remembered is that being in a closed area such as a house or building does not make anyone completely safe from lighting. People should also avoid contact with water, so it is not recommended to take a bath or wash dishes.

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This must be avoided because lightning can strike through water. Lightning strike can cause numbness or tingling sensation, loss of consciousness, serious burns, and even sudden cardiac arrest. (un)


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