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ArtSong Duo Concert: Colombian & Mexican musicians jam in Jakarta


IO, Jakarta – The Embassy of Mexico and the Embassy of Colombia organized and collaborated in an ArtSong Duo Concert, in the residence of His Excellency the Mexican Ambassador, South Jakarta (6/8/2019). This concert signaled the introduction of Spanish Language Art Songs to the audience.

The Ambassador of Mexico to Indonesia, H.E Armando G. Alvarez, felt happy about this event, which is part of duo between two countries. “Also, you could witness, it was an outstanding concert and the people were very happy building the relationship through this concert,” he said after the concert.

On the same occasion, His Excellency the Ambassador of Colombia to Indonesia, H.E Juan Camilo Valencia Gonzalez, is also proud and feels great affection for Mexico on this occasion. “Not only this time of cultural event, but we’ve very close with Latin Americans working on any issues. I’m very happy the ambassador invited Colombia to have this event together, and I think it was very successful and very beautiful,” said Juan.

Colombia and Mexico have become important partners, through a Latin American trade bloc called “Pacific Alliance”, which was officially established on April 28th, 2011, along with Chile and Peru. Their objective of this alliance was to further free trade with “a clear orientation toward Asia”, and economic integration. Also, they promote their national culture to overseas audiences.

The concert was performed by Mexican pianist Irma Enriquez and Colombian Soprano soloist Paola Andrea Monroy Montano. Those two musicians are part of group of Music from Ibero America in Australia (MlA).

This group has been created to recreate and perform Ibero-American classical music in Australia. The First Latin American Gala was MIA’s opening event, presenting for the first time in Australia a program of Art songs from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Spain.

For several years, MlA has been coordinating projects that embrace the collaborations of Ibero-American and Australian composers, and artists from multidisciplinary fields: writers, poets, visual artists, short film makers, dancers and singers.

The concerts have shown the audience an atmosphere of romanticism, folklore, and modern sound. They play some great masterpiece songs, such as “Four Questions” by Pedro Morales (1863 – 1926), “Berceuse” by Luis Carlos Figueroa (1923), and “Little Star” by Manuel M. Ponce (1882 – 1948).


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