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Art exhibition to help Borneo forest conservation


IO, Jakarta – The Artotel Project Series (APS) was held again with the theme #ARTOTELforHope, this event is an annual social program held by ARTOTEL Group property to celebrate Christmas and New Year. This year’s #ARTOTELforHope theme shows concern for efforts to conserve forests in Kalimantan with the support of the Nusantara Nature Conservation Foundation (YKAN). Artotel Project Series wants to arouse public awareness and concern, especially the Indonesian people and tourists who visit the hotel and beach club ARTOTEL Group regarding the preservation of Indonesia’s forests through art activities by inviting two contemporary Indonesian artists, Andang Iskandar, photographer artist from ART Space Humanika Bandung and Bayu Widodo, painter from Survive Garage Yogyakarta.

The two artists visited Merabu Village, located in Berau, East Kalimantan to take a closer look at the struggles of communities around the forest to support conservation efforts in Kalimantan. The trip was carried out for 5 days, where the two artists then responded to the nature of Merabu Village as a work of art that will be performed at AROTPACE ARTOTEL in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Bali.

“In this art show, I was invited to work with the Nusantara Nature Conservation Foundation to visit Merabu Village, located in Berau, East Kalimantan. There I was invited to get to know the people, the nature, and we told them what happened there. With the area of ​​forest they manage, the area is a vast and very beautiful place with mountainous karst, lake and prehistoric caves. From there I told stories and discussed with local people about the natural conditions they have and all the activities they do on a daily basis. I drew all the activities and exposure of the community in sketches, then finally chose the painting techniques, printmaking skills screen, and lithography,” Bayu Widodo said.

The various works presented by Bayu Widodo are symbols of the Lebo Dayak community, such as the symbol of the hand that means a greeting in which the greeting is to respect and preserve the nature around Merabu Village. Furthermore, there are also tree symbols that, according to Bayu Widodo, are a symbol of life.

In addition, to showing art exhibitions of works from Andang and Bayu, through the #ARTOTELforHope 2018 Artotel Project Series also invites visitors to write down their hopes for forests and conservation in Indonesia. Recycled leaf-shaped paper which is then affixed to the Wall of Hope with a tree image to return to being “shady”. Apart from holding art exhibitions, Artotel Project Series also conducts fundraising for one month from December 1 to 31, 2018. The profits from the fundraising will be donated to support Kalimantan’s forest conservation efforts. (Aldo)


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