Arminsyah: Passes away on wedding anniversary

Deputy Attorney General RI Arminsyah. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO –  Indonesian Deputy Attorney General Arminsyah has died, in a single car accident on Jagorawi Toll Road, KM 13, heading for Jakarta, Saturday 4 April. Ironically, it was the date of his wedding anniversary with his wife, Wilza Yulita. 

Arminsyah took his last breath at the Polri Said Sukanto Hospital, East Jakarta. His grave was next to that of his mother, Hj Nurlaili, at Pedongkelan public cemetery (TPU), Cengkareng, West Jakarta. Burial was on Sunday, 5 April. 

“Next month the deceased had a full schedule, with many duties. He is a role model for us prosecutors. We are really missing his figure,” said Hari Setiyono, the Head of the Attorney General’s Legal Information Center. 

There is a viral video of Arminsyah’s cooking moments with his wife for their wedding anniversary snacks. 

In the video Arminsyah was seen wearing only shorts and a red shirt while crumbling coconut on his desk. 

“I am practicing, so that I can crumble my coconut,” Arminsyah said in the video. 

Arminsyah’s wedding anniversary photographs with his wife circulated on various social media before the accident also. 

Arminsyah fed his wife a cake on their happy day. 

“The deceased is a figure that was loved by most employees. He was very humble, and also popular,” said Hari. 

He is known as one who was enthusiastic about reforming the bureaucracy in the state attorneys’ offices. 

As a result, several work units received the title of Region Free from Corruption (Wilayah Bebas Korupsi – WBK). 

“Some have even achieved the title of Clean and Serving Bureaucracy Region (Wilayah Birokrasi Bersih Dan Melayani – WBBM),” he said. 

Goodbye Arminsyah. Rest in peace. (rp)