Armaya Doremi, founder of Studywitharmaya

Armaya Doremi. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

Invites a younger generation to move forward, learning together

IO – Young and accomplished. This diction is pinned on Armaya Doremi, a young woman from Medan, North Sumatra, who proves that dreams, coupled with hard work, can be realized. 

If you look at what she has achieved today, it is inseparable from the scholarship she received from the Governor of East Nusa Tenggara, Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat, 3 years ago. “I’ve worked with him for 5 years and managed to prove that I deserve this scholarship, and it is proven that I can make the Governor of East Nusa Tenggara proud with this achievement,” said the youngest of 3 siblings. 

Many people doubted Armaya’s suitability 3 years ago. At that time, she did not speak English at all, even though the scholarship was for study abroad. “Two days after receiving the scholarship offer, I immediately registered to take part in a course at English First, located in Plaza Indonesia, Central Jakarta,” said the woman who had passed the 2010 Indonesian Idol Workshop round. 

Realizing her deficiency in English, Armaya studied hard for one year. The persistence paid off, Armaya was accepted at Northeastern University, one of the top universities in America, majoring in Corporate and Organizational Communication. “There was a lot of tears and sadness in the process, but I never gave up, even though many people didn’t believe in me,” said Armaya. 

It is proven that after studying for 3 years, Armaya has successfully got her Master’s Degree, with excellent grades. Not only achieving special grades but Armaya was also entrusted with delivering a speech at the graduation ceremony at Fenway Park, which took place on May 8, 2021. She was chosen as a Student Speaker because of her outstanding academic achievements. “I was the only student who gave a speech at the graduation ceremony. I am grateful that I was chosen from among the thousands of students who came from various countries,” she said proudly. 

Being a Student Speaker is the dream of every student. “All students from various majors register and only one person is selected, I’m just lucky,” she said. 

Four months before graduation, the campus provides an opportunity for anyone who wants to become a Student Speaker at the graduation ceremony. Armaya went through a rigorous selection process. This sweet-voiced woman must submit a written speech, resume, and video link. “What is certain is that you have to pass your Master ‘s Degree and have good academic grades and the speech material must have meaning and can inspire many people,” she said smiling. 

The speech is about opportunities. “I want to convey that we can open up and cultivate those opportunities. Some say that an opportunity does not come twice. So if there is an opportunity in sight, just take it even without preparation. After we take the opportunity, then we make a plan so that it will be successful in the future,” explained Armaya, who completed her undergraduate study in Public Relations at Prof. Dr. Moestopo University. “We must be disciplined, be honest with ourselves, never give up, and always work hard,” continued Armaya about the contents of her speech. 

Armaya’s achievements today are the fruit of perseverance, patience, and fighting power. “Studying abroad is a very rare opportunity and there is no reason not to be the best because such an opportunity doesn’t come twice,” she said. 

Now with special achievements, Armaya doesn’t want to be successful alone. She wants to share this experience with the younger generation. Therefore, she formed a community for Indonesian students who wish to study abroad. The name of the community is Studywitharmaya. “This community was established last January to open up opportunities for students in Indonesia who want to learn and sharpen their mastery of the English language. I realize that many Indonesian students want to study abroad but cannot speak English because they lack self-confidence. Therefore, Studywitharmaya was established to open up opportunities for all Indonesian students who want to learn and move forward together,” she concluded. 

Armaya proved that abilities can be trained if there is a will. She succeeded in realizing her dream of studying in the United States. If Armaya can do it, so can you. (Dessy)