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“Ari Lasso’s Long Journey” concert in three cities


IO, Jakarta –Ari Lasso is a name unforgettable for all lovers of Indonesian music. He has contributed a lot to our musical scene. With this realization, to maintain his consistency in our musical world, and to celebrate the 27th year of his musical career, Optimus One and will hold a concert titled “Perjalanan Panjang Ari Lasso” (“Ari Lasso’s Long Journey”) in three major cities in Indonesia: Medan (13 October 2019), Jakarta (16 October 2019), and Solo (27 October 2019).

Ari Lasso stated that he is very proud and happy that he can perform in this concert. 27 years is a long time for a musician to work. Being able to hold a concert like this is an amazing achievement in his career. “This is an amazing appreciation for a musician, especially for me personally. I really can enjoy my long music career in this concert, especially since some other musicians will accompany me with it. They actually contribute to my career too; therefore, it is only natural that I would sing and collaborate with them on stage,” he said.

Meanwhile, Optimus One CEO Rachmat Subakti stated that this concert is special, because it is his comeback concert after a long time as well as a celebration of his 27 years’ musical career. “Ari Lasso is a phenomenal singer. His fans will be able to get close to their idol again with this stage act. Furthermore, these three-city concert will also have other top-tier singers like Andra and The Backbone, Melly Goeslaw, and Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL). This is evidence of Optimus One and’s commitment in providing quality events to music lovers in our homeland. This is proof of how we always seek to provide spectacular musical events by showcasing such talented local musicians whom their fans will support no matter what,” he said. “We have a vision of holding classy musical events that are different from music shows in general. We hope that in the future, any Optimus One and musical event can become new trends in our homeland’s musical scene. We are certain that there will be great enthusiasm, as Ari Lasso is a great name with a widely distributed and strong fan base.”

Optimus One and are committed to showcase quality artists. They are ready to shake up Indonesia’s entertainment scene with a lineup of both local and international artists.


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