APSekolah integrates APGuru and APSiswa

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of life and has forced us to immedi- ately adapt and follow health pro- tocol, such as social restrictions and physical distancing. Teaching and Learning (KBM) must imple- ment Distance Learning (PJJ), an effort that requires adaptation both in human resources and learning facilities as well.

In KBM, teachers are required to provide reports as proof that the Teaching and Learning have been carried out well, so the school can supervise and confirm that each KBM follows a Learning Imple- mentation Plan (RPP). However, in practice, Teaching and Learning reporting by teachers is still done manually. Each teacher needs to re- cap their session and send it to the school manually as well. It is quite time-consuming, because teachers are also preoccupied with teaching and materials preparation.

P.T. Aku Pintar Indonesia recog- nizes the need to digitize elements in teaching and learning, espe- cially the submission of reports to schools and scheduling. Answering the need, in mid-September 2020, Aku Pintar premieres a special web-based application for schools, namely, Aku Pintar Sekolah (APSe- kolah), which can digitize the report process for teaching and learning. Similar to educational applications previously developed by PT Aku Pintar Indonesia, this application can be used for free.

The benefits of APSchool can be felt starting from the Principal, Teacher, and Stu- dent. The school can find the KBM data records that have been and will be taking place, and make it easier for teachers to schedule KBM; it is also easier for students to view schedules.

“We realize the need to digitize teaching and learning during this pandemic. Through APSekolah, both teachers and schools can jointly monitor and evaluate teach- ing and learn- ing that has been and is currently running and prepare a more focused learning plan. This digitization also allows all teaching and learning to be monitored in real-time so that it is easy to adjust to the latest con- ditions,” said Chief Executive Offi- cer of Aku Pintar, Lutvianto Pebri Handoko.

The presence of APSekolah en- riches the features of Aku Pintar Guru (APGuru) which can support teaching and learning for teachers. Initially, APGuru could only be ac- cessed via smartphones, specifical- ly for additional features, the user must access it through the website version of APGuru. However, for Aku Pintar Mahasiswa (APSiswa), there are additional features on the mobile application related to the teaching and learning information they are participating in.

To utilize all of the features in APSekolah, schools are required to create an account at APSe- kolah through https://akupin- tar.id/apsekolah-register. After creating an account, the school can add teachers and students who are members of the school, whose data can be obtained in two ways. If the teachers and students have previously regis- tered through the APGuru and APSiswa applications, it will automatically appear in the APSeko- lah account database. However, if teachers and students have not joined Aku Pintar, then the school can create teacher and student accounts through APSe- kolah.

Next, the school can make learning classes according to existing subjects and grade levels. Also, the school can manage classes by including teachers who are responsible for the class as well as students from the class.

“The use of APSekolah integrates APGuru and APSiswa accounts al- ready active in the world of educa- tion. Teachers who already have an account with APGuru can auto- matically connect to the APSekolah system by entering the name of the school in the account profile, as well as students who have registered with APSiswa,” said Chief Technol- ogy Officer Aku Pintar, Prasetya Gil- ang Nuswantara.

On the website version of the APGuru that is connected to APSe- kolah, teachers can access features related to the management of teach- ing and learning such as scheduling teaching and learning sessions, re- cording student attendance in class, and reporting on the teaching and learning activities which contain details of student meetings and at- tendance.

“The availability of APSeko- lah greatly facilitates the work of teachers, because it is practical, saves time, and is not complicated. Teachers can make practical teach- ing and learning administrative reports, from providing material, absences, to reporting results. Hopefully, Aku Pintar and APSeko- lah can faithfully help the world of education, especially teachers and students, in their quest to acquire new knowledge, given that current- ly there are still many schools that cannot be reached by good facilities and infrastructure,” said Yanizasari, S.Psi, M.Pd, Counseling Guidance Teacher at SMA 11 Depok, West Java.