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Appetizing food, good music in New Aroma, Cilacap


Cilacap, IO – Restaurants should not just offer delicious food. They also have to be presentable and offer comfort and facilities to attract visitors. One aspect of this could be a spacious place for photo spots to capture memories with loved ones. 

Taman New Aroma Restaurant captures a new clientele by providing this comfort. Located in Cilacap, Central Java, if you happen to stop by in the southernmost region of the Java island, you can get a taste of the delicious dishes and enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere at New Aroma. 

New Aroma
One of the menus at New Aroma. (Source: Nurvita Indarini)

In the middle of the city, Taman New Aroma Restaurant is situated on a strategical spot at Lieutenant Gen. Suprapto Street No. 1, Tambaksari, Sidanegara, Cilacap. 

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You will notice a large parking space in the restaurant. Once you set foot into the restaurant, you will see a large dining area from the lobby. You can choose the most suitable dining table for you and your friends or family. 

You can choose the round dining table or a lesehan (on-the-floor seating arrangement with a short table). While you are waiting for the food to arrive, you will also enjoy the live music presented by the restaurant from the main stage.


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