Anthology Coffee: Relaxing all afternoon at the edge of the lake

Anthology Coffee has two rooms namely indoor and outdoor in which visitors can choose to enjoy a coffee with a beautiful view of the lake. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO – If you are bored with a weekend in the city of Jakarta, now in Bogor, which is not far from Jakarta, there is a café that offers extraordinary natural scenery. Many coffee shops have the taste of delicious coffee, but at the same time has a nice view, is still rare. This café is called Anthology Coffee, here you can feel the pleasure of coffee, tea and snacks accompanied by beautiful natural scenery. Cafes in the Sentul area, Bogor, which just opened a few months ago and have successfully attracted a lot of visitors’ attention.

The location is right in front of Lake Teratai Sentul City, Sentul, Bogor. This café consists of two floors, this cafe also carries a minimalist modern concept with many outdoor areas. Looks like the owner wants to take advantage of the cool and beautiful air to pamper the visitors who come here. The most favorite spot is on the 2nd floor where visitors can spoil their eyes with a vast expanse of lake and also surrounded by shady trees. Before enjoying the cool and comfortable atmosphere, when I visited here, I ordered some of the mainstay menus served by this café. The drink that is a signature on Anthology Coffee is premium coffee and tea.

Before enjoying the cool and comfortable atmosphere, I ordered a number of mainstay menus that are served here. The drink that I choose is a coffee latte with a menu of complementary foods, cookies and a glass of pure milk. It doesn’t feel much different from the many contemporary milk coffee ice that is sold in various places in Jakarta. Creamy sweetness with soft coffee flavor is an advantage of this café and it feels very suitable for those who don’t really like bitter coffee. If you like manual brew coffee, there are several choices of local coffee that you can try. Coffee bean samples can be seen and inhaled first before they are selected, so they can be adjusted to taste.

The aroma of coffee that I had tried was Sunda Arumanis, this is fairly soft, fruity which is not too fragrant. According to the coffee sour barista, it is more dominant than the bitter taste. If you don’t like coffee, you can try ordering a tea drink menu. There are various Indonesian local premium tea menus that are trying to offer. One of the favorites is Papua Chocolate Delight tea. Black tea from Java is combined with Papuan chocolate seeds that produce a unique taste. Blending this tea is unique, this tea is served warm with the aroma of chocolate which is a characteristic of the.

Although mixed with Papuan chocolate, the chocolate taste is very thin. The distinctive taste of Javanese tea spicy tamarind is also thin and not too stinging, the barista said when I explained. The aroma of the tea is fragrant fresh and able to make the mind calm. Especially enjoyed while looking at the lake and trees accompanied by the breeze.

For cake lovers, Anthology Coffee has a special menu like Banana Loaf that is ready to wet the appetite with the softness of the cake as you taste it. This cake consists of two layers, namely chocolate and vanilla. Both of them have strong banana flavor, besides the menu above, Anthology Coffee also has other menus such as Mocha, Affogato, Iced Unicorn Tea, Green Tea Latte, Blooming Tea Anthology, Bunaken Blue Tea, Mac & Cheese Baked and other non-losing menus teasing. Enjoying a cup of coffee and casual snacking in this cafe is the best in the afternoon. You can also enjoy the cool breeze whilst looking at the calm lake. If you’re lucky, you can see some wild birds flying near the lake. (Aldo)