Friday, December 1, 2023 | 04:00 WIB

Anies Baswedan quizzed by KPK for 11 hours


Jakarta, IO – Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan was questioned by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) on Wednesday (7/9) in relation to allegations of corruption in the holding of Formula E in Jakarta.

Anies began to be questioned at 09.26 WIB. He was seen leaving the KPK building at 20.23 WIB, reported Detik on Thursday (8/9).

Anies arrived at KPK carrying a black tote bag containing documents and went straight up to the second floor of the building at Kuningan Persada St., South Jakarta.

He said he hopes his statement can help KPK in its investigation. “Earlier we were asked to provide assistance and information has been provided,” said Anies.

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“God willing, the information will clarify the issue and help KPK carry out their duties more easily.”

KPK deputy chair Alexander Marwata previously said that Anies was summoned for clarification regarding the planning, budgeting, and commitment fees for the Formula E event. However, Alex emphasized that the alleged corruption was still under investigation. (un)


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