Angklung and Indonesian traditional dances bring colours to Bahrain Summer Festival 2022

Tari Piring enlivened Bahrain Summer Festival 2022. (Source: Antara/KBRI Manama)

Bahrain, IO – Indonesian musical instrument performance has again amazed global audience when the Indonesian Embassy in Bahrain held angklung and Indonesian traditional dance performances at the Bahrain Summer Festival (BSF) which takes place from July 11-31 in the capital Manama.

According to Indonesian Ambassador for Bahrain, Ardi Hermawan, the performance initiated by the Indonesian Embassy and the Indonesian diaspora in the country aims to introduce Indonesian art and culture, which are effective instruments to strengthen ties between nations.

“Festivals such as BSF are a good opportunity to introduce Indonesia’s cultural and tourism potential,” Andi said, as reported by Antara, Friday (29/7).

Some of the dances performed at the festival are Tari Pendet from Bali, Tari Piring from West Sumatra and Tari Kipas from South Sulawesi.