Andy “Batam” Poedjakesuma Launch a basketball channel

Andy “Batam” Poedjakesuma: There is nothing instant about basketball. (Photo: IBL)

IO – Even though he is no longer playing, Andy “Batam” Poedjakesuma still pays great attention to the development of basketball in Indonesia. Along with his two partners, Athmadi “Dimas” Mahendra and M. Bayu “Lunatic” Radityo, Batam launched a basketball channel titled “Pakar Basket”. 

“We want young Indonesian basketball players to know the history of basketball in Indonesia, and realize to achieve greatness in basketball is never instant,” he said. 

In the first episode of Pakar Basket, Batam explained his struggles in achieving his dream to be a national player. “I came from an island to Jakarta aiming to achieve my dream, trying to be a national player,” he recalled. He came from Batam city, in the Riau islands, which eventually became his famous name. 

Batam went to 3 Senior Highschool Jakarta, just like his two partners, Dimas and Bayu. The school is indeed known as young basketball players’ warehouse. 

“I am grateful to Riko Hantono: he had a big role behind my joining to the Aspac club,” Batam said. Riko is also a former national basketball player. 

Along with Aspac, Batam won the IBL five times, in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2005. He was also chosen to be in the national team and won the 2007 SEA Games silver medal in Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand, and the 2011 SEA Games Bronze Medal in Jakarta. 

“We launched the basket channel because we care and want to help in the development of basketball in Indonesia. So far, the basketball channels out there are all about games and entertainment,” he added. 

Pakar Basket will invite anyone considered worthy to be an expert to discuss the sport created by James Naismith, especially basketball in Indonesia. 

“We hope Pakar Basket can contribute and be accepted by the basketball community in Indonesia.” (rp)