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Andrea Turk: Releases American Dream single


IO – Singer and songwriter Andrea Turk released the video clip “American Dream” a single in the electro dance music (EDM) genre, on Sunday, 8 March.

“This song tells about the irony behind musicians who struggle to achieve the promised American Dream. We were never promised that it would be easy to become a famous artist,” Andrea said in a press statement as released by Antara.

American Dream is a collaboration between WR Supratman’s siblings, great grandchildren and Indonesian producer Alffy Rev.

This song was mixed by Indra Qadarsih and mastered by Chris Gehringer in Sterling Sound, New Jersey, USA.

“Collaboration is mostly done via email,” said Andrea, who currently resides in California, studying at the California Institute of The Arts and majoring in vocal arts.

American Dream is a tragic story that is told through a cheerful tune that will hit music lovers with the reality of all the struggles of emerging musicians in the real world.

The idea behind this work of art is to combine Indonesian culture and western culture.

Touching on the national music day, Andrea hopes that the Indonesian people will keep in mind the struggle of WR Supratman through the song Indonesia Raya and his other works. 

She also asked the Indonesian millennial generation to maintain the spirit of nationalism and to cover more national songs and show pride in our beloved homeland.

“We must be proud to be Indonesian, proud of our diversity and Pancasila. We are proud to show off to the world through songs and music, especially gamelan, which is rich in sound,” she said.

Andrea said the Indonesian music world has developed rapidly with young musicians stirring up both the commercial scene and the independent scene.

Young Indonesian musicians still need government and the industry sector support to secure the opportunity to participate in prestigious festivals in foreign countries.

“I propose to make a special platform from the government for all musicians so that their new songs can be exposed to overseas publishers through that platform, especially in the USA,” she said.

Andrea believes that many talented Indonesian musicians can compete in the global music market. (rp)


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