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Andika Monoarfa: First time seeing his child compete


IO, Jakarta – Andika Monoarfa was excited to watch the 2019 Sys NS Memorial T-Ball Tournament on Saturday and Sunday, November 9-10 in the Gelora Bung Karno Softball Field, Senayan, Jakarta because he is the chairman of the Indonesian Baseball and Softball Association Central Board (PP Perbasasi). 

“I am excited, my son participated in this tournament,” said Andika laughing. “Usually I watch and support others competing. Now is my first time seeing my own child play. I was quite nervous,” said the son of Minister of National Development Planning, Suharso Monoarfa, smiling. 

He was in agreement with the format of the tournament, which did not put importance on winning but rather the happiness of all the participating children, who were all considered winners. All the participants from the seven clubs taking part in the tournament received medals. 

Andika was happy which the organizing of the tournament, which gave a place for younger children to play and add to their experience and love of baseball and softball. 

Andhika also agreed with the idea to hold a Student League to accommodate the interests and provide a place for younger students to play softball and baseball. “I will issue a recommendation to hold a student league which will run to the national level,” said Andika. 

Andhika was voted as the chairman of Perbasasi in the National Conference in Park Hotel, Bali on May 5, 2017. 

When voted, Andika promised to have tournaments in every region and to support all Perbasasi provincial boards to hold tournament in their respective regions. (rp) 


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