Andien: Releases Belahan Jantungku

Andien Aisyah. (photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Singer Andien Aisyah has tried launching something other than an album. She has just released a book titled Belahan Jantungku (Part of My Heart). The book is about Andien’s journey as a women and mother. 

“During the beginning of my pregnancy, my curiosity grew. I became moved to contact several people who could enlighten me on all the worries I had,” said Andien as quoted by Antara. Andien invited experts in child health, inner childhood, and gentle birthing in helping her write her book. The experts included Reza Gunawan, Najeela Shihab, Nia Umar, Tantan Kuswandi, Fonda Kuswandi, Dr. Ratih Ayu Wulandari, Irene Mongkar, Gobin Vashdev and Yusa Azis. 

Andien believed they had played an important role since she was first pregnant with her first child, Anaku Askara Biru or Kawa. 

“As Kawa grew in my womb, I was met with good people who helped me carry out my pregnancy. They were people who received me well when I asked them to be sources for this book,” she said. 

Reza was one of the first people Andien contacted after learning she was pregnant. 

Reza is a holistic practitioner and gentle birth activist who shared the basics of gentle birthing with Andien. 

Najeela Shihab is an educational activist, who is part of a place where Andien shares her thoughts on anti-harassment and campaigns on the movement of women supporting women. 

Andien’s husband, Irfan “Ippe” Wahyudi, also contributed to the book. 

“I chose to contribute in the book because I believe in the spirit of togetherness in childcare. Perhaps those reading the book consist mostly of women but there’s nothing wrong if a father or prospective father wants to read this book,” said Ippe. 

“Hopefully, my writing in this book can make couples even more cohesive and supportive of each other.” 

The book will be available this November. (rp)