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Anamta Tour, consistent provider of travel services
to the Holy Land


Jakarta, IO – Zahrini Mahdi Muhammad started her Umra and Haji transportation business in October 2014, rebranding it in 2019 as PT Annur Maknah Wisata (“Anamta Tour”). 

Within its brief existence, Anamta Tour has transported thousands of pilgrims to and from the Holy Land, safely and reliably. Even during the pandemic, they consistently transported pilgrims with strict adherence to health protocols. Complementing its religious travel business, Anamta Tour also provides halal leisure travel programs to multiple Islamic countries – Türkiye, Qatar, Egypt. 

“Anamta Tour’s top advantage is our consistency in providing the best service for our pilgrim passengers. Whenever we see new sites or destinations that we can offer to them, we will provide these, within reason.

Offering too many facilities will also necessitate higher costs for them and bigger budget expenditures for us. Therefore, we limit the facilities to keep them affordable and competitive,” declared the woman entrepreneur. 

Anamta Tour’s top pilgrimage program is Semua Bisa Umrah (“Everyone Can Go Do Umrah”). “With this program, we hope to enable everyone to go do umrah. We know that many people want to do pilgrimage but cannot do so because of a lack of money.

Therefore, we provide solutions for them – to take part in our savings and instalment payment programs. We partner up with a number of local shari’a-based payment partners, such as Amitra and local Shari’a People’s Funding Banks (Bank Pembiayaan Rakyat Syariah – “BPRS”), as well as local ordinary banks,” Zahrini explained. 

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Anamta Tour seeks to provide the best service for all pilgrims across the country. “With my current business, I gain success both in this world and the hereafter. Therefore, we always do our best to provide heartfelt services. Yes, we all need money and we charge properly for our services. However, seeing our pilgrims safe, healthy, and smiling after a successful ritual is a distinct satisfaction that no amount of money can buy,” Zahrini declares. (des)


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