An Islamic boarding school student dies after he was ganged up by 12 fellow students

Illustration of assault. (Source: Jawa Pos)

Tangerang, IO – Crime in religious educational institutions has occurred again. Recently, a student, identified as RAP (13) at a pesantren (Islamic boarding school) in Cipondoh, Tangerang, was killed by 12 fellow students.

Five of the 12 attackers have been detained by Tangerang Metro Police. They are students of Daarul Qur’an Lantaburo Islamic Boarding School.

“We have named 12 people as the perpetrators,” said Tangerang Metro Police Chief Commissioner Zain Dwi Nugroho, as reported by Tempo, Monday (29/8).

In addition to the five students who were detained, the police placed 7 other students with their parents because they are still minors under 14 years of age. The students are seniors and classmates of RAP.