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An exclusive restaurant which serves the authentic Balinese menu


Jakarta, IO – There is a growing evidence of the culinary businesses in Bali, with the emergence of street meal vendors and the establishments of various restaurants. A high number of tourist visitors in the island is what makes the culinary businessmen spread their wings to seize the potential market. Because of that, various kind of foods suddenly popped out in Bali, be it local dishes or international cuisines, all are available to find.

This is what triggers a Balinese youth named Gus Yoga. The 25-year-old man expresses his true passion for the culinary world and decides to open a culinary business in his homeland. La Sunrise is the name chosen by Gus Yoga as a restaurant he founded in the Sanur area of Bali. La Sunrise was chosen as the name of the restaurant because it’s located precisely in the Sunrise Road (Jalan Matahari Terbit).

“I use that name (La Sunrise) because my restaurant is located on the Sunrise Road, just so it looks appropriate to the surroundings,” said Gus Yoga.

La Sunrise itself was opened for public by December 2017. La Sunrise, which only focuses on the local cuisines, was initially founded by Gus Yoga as a place to gather with his colleagues.

“La Sunrise was originally built as a place to gather with my friends, rather than spending a useless time, that’s why I decided to bring on a place to accommodate them in the form of a restaurant. With the presence of this restaurant, I’m not only able to host a gathering event but also to collect money as well,” said Gus Yoga.

Chicken Fried Rice Nut menu with Balinese spices become a favorite menu at La Sunrise with additional La Mocktail
Sunrise Punch. (photo: IO/Aldo)

This restaurant has a tropical concept with vines dominating the exterior side, hence making this restaurant looks unique. Other than that, the colourful interior design makes La Sunrise a perfect Instagram-able place for social media users to capture the moments with friends or family. La Sunrise also presents local favourite menus that are worth every money. This is an important aspect that represents La Sunrise’ authentic value.

“Following the current culture, I think it is perfect enough to adopt such a unique interior design to attract customers, besides, a quite affordable price is also a major factor in the advantages of this restaurant,” added the Balinese man.

The favourite menu of La Sunrise includes local menus such as Balinese Fried Rice and Chicken Steak poured with melted cheese on it. La Sunrise is open from 2 pm to 11 pm. These chosen time frame by Gus Yoga was based on his observation of the Sanur Beach visitors who usually seek the nearest place to release their hunger caused by exhaustive activities on the shore.

For a sustainable satisfaction of the customers, Gus Yoga consistently doing new menu observations and research, so that in every three-month period he constantly sorted out the less picked menu to be replaced with the new options.

Aside from the available cuisines, La Sunrise also has another beverages menu like the cocktail drinks. “We are not just focusing on the main cuisines, we also provide a favourite kind of cocktail beverages. It’s a good idea to enjoy fresh drinks like a cocktail after visiting the beach,” said Gus Yoga.

As one of the exclusive restaurants, clearly, it earns the highest recommendation by Independent Observer as one of the ideal culinary destinations while in Bali. (Aldo)


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