Amnesty International Indonesia: Don’t just acknowledge, try gross human rights violators!

Usman Hamid
Amnesty International Indonesia Executive Director, Usman Hamid (Source: Instagram @usmanham_id)

Jakarta, IO – Amnesty International Indonesia considers that it is not enough for President Joko Widodo to acknowledge 12 incidents of gross human rights violation in the past, but also bring those responsible to court.

“While we appreciate President Jokowi’s stance in acknowledging the incidents of human rights violations that date to the 1960s in Indonesia, this statement is long overdue given the suffering of victims who have been left in limbo without getting the justice, truth and redress for decades,” wrote Amnesty International Indonesia in a statemen, reported Merdeka, Thursday (12/1).

“Simply put, the president’s statement is meaningless without accountability,” said the NGO.

According to Amnesty International, there are actually more than just 12 incidents of gross human rights violations in Indonesia. It said if other well-known cases are not mentioned, it will be tantamount to intentional neglect of past crimes.