Amalia and Nurani Alawiyah win science scholarships

Amalia and Nurani Alawiyah, happy to be able to overcome 85 competitors.

IO, Solo Amalia and Nurani Alawiyah, students of the Chemistry Study Program of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta have won scholarships worth IDR 20 million each from L’Oréal Sorority in Science. This scholarship program was launched in partnership with L’Oréal Indonesia and the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO, the Ministry of Education and Culture, and is intended for students in the field of science to encourage the talents of Indonesian women researchers in the future.

“It is hoped that through this program students in the field of science can focus on gaining knowledge as well as possibly realizing the dream of being dedicated female researchers,” declared Amalia, as quoted by the PR of UNS, Saturday (28/11/2020).

According to Amalia, this year the theme offered is environmental damage with the jump of diseases from animals to humans, such as HIV/ AIDS, bird flu, and now Covid-19. Participants are challenged to provide thought and action solutions to overcome all these problems.

Amalia and Nurani Alawiyah raised the theme Covid-19. Amalia provided a solution entitled “Nanofiber Antimicrobial Mask Using Activated Carbon from Rice Husk Waste and Cinnamon Extract as a Protection Solution from Exposure to the Covid-19 Virus”, while Nurani’s was “Cellulose-Based Antivirus Coating Innovation from Empty Bunches of Palm Oil Waste as a Prevention to the Spread of Covid-19”.

Neither Amalia nor Nurani initially expected to win a scholarship in this competition, which was attended by 85 participants, representing various prominent universities in Indonesia. “Honestly, at first I didn’t believe it; I thought I was just a finalist. I am very grateful to God. So unbelievable,” said Amalia.

In line with Amalia, Nurani did not expect to be a winner. “I didn’t expect to win because there were so many enthusiasts,” said Nurani happily. (est)