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Allergy risk factors: be on alert for them!


Jakarta, IO – An allergy is triggered when a person is exposed to a substance that is specifically irritating for their body. This results in excessively large volumes of antibodies, which in turn initiates a physical reaction such as red rashes and itches on the skin, or nausea and sneezing. Common allergy triggers, or allergens, include shrimp and eggs. A person allergic to these foods will itch if they consume them, even though most other people will be fine consuming these foods. 

But let us confirm and ask an expert: “What is an allergy, really?” 

“An ‘allergy’ is an excessive reaction of the immune system towards a substance that does not cause such a reaction when exposed to the same substance. Why do people suffer from allergies? There are plenty of risk factors, but it’s generally something genetic, an abnormality you inherit from your ancestors. If either parent, that is, just the father or just the mother suffers from an allergy, the child has a 40% chance of suffering from the same allergy. If both parents suffer from it, the child’s chance of suffering shoots up to 60%-80%. Caesarean babies also have a bigger chance of suffering from an allergy than normal birth babies, because they are exposed to microbiota from the mother’s birth canal,” said dr. Deshinta Putri Mulya, Sp.PD, KAI, M.Sc., of dr. Sardjito General Central Hospital, Yogyakarta, in the “How to Recognize Allergy Risk Factors” live IG session. 

Anaphylactic Shock 

Protein-rich foodstuff like seafood, eggs, and beans are the most common allergens, because of their molecular content. Environmental allergens include bedbugs, household dust and pollen. Rural residents also have a lower chance of allergy than urban dwellers. Consuming drugs and medication that damage intestinal biota, pollution, and cigarette smoke all increase the possibility of allergy manifestation in the body. 


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