Alleged involvement of TNI personnel in a sadistic murder in Mimika

Police line
Murder illustration (IO/Irvan Maulana)

Jakarta, IO – A sadistic murder shocked the New Mimika district, Mimika regency, Papua. Four civilians — Arnold Lokbere, Irian Nirigi, Leman Nirigi and another victim who has yet to be identified — were killed and their bodies dumped around the river in Kampung Pigapu, Iwaka district.

Wayward TNI personnel are suspected to be involved. Papua Police Criminal Investigation Division director Chief Commissioner Faizal Rahmadani said based on investigation, the murder took place on August 22 at around 21:50 WIT in the SP 1 area, New Mimika district, detik reported on Monday, (29/8)

“Three suspects were arrested at different locations. They are identified as APL a.k.a Jeck, DU and R,” revealed Faisal. Police also found a burned rental car used by one of the victims, a red Toyota Astra Calya without a number plate.

“The first body, that of Arnold Lokbere, was found dismembered on Friday (26/8) and on Saturday (27/8) another body with an unknown identity was also found dismembered. Two other bodies have yet to be found and the motive behind the gruesome murder has yet to be established,” said Faizal.