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All provincial leaderships support Prabowo for Gerindra’s chairman


IO, Jakarta – 21 provincial leaderships (DPDs) have held a regional leadership meeting (rapimda) which resulted in the recommendation of the candidate for the general chair of the Gerindra Party. One of these was conveyed by the Chairman of the Central Java Gerindra Party Leadership, Abdul Wachid, who said that he had held a rapimda which was followed by 35 branch leaderships (DPCs) in Central Java. As a result, they agreed to support Prabowo in the national leadership meeting which will be held this year. “From the results of Rapimda of Gerindra Party in Central Java, starting from the provincial, branches and sub-branches leaderships, all continue to propose Mr. Haji Prabowo Subianto as a candidate for general chairman of the Gerindra Party supervisory board for 2020-2025,” he explained in the Gerindra’s DPD offices in Central Java, Sunday. (03/08/2020).

Wachid explained that Prabowo was the founder of the party and during his leadership, Gerindra became a large and even the second-largest party nationally. This support was strengthened by the signing of an official report by the Chairman of Gerindra’s DPD in  Central Java, “Pak Prabowo is the only one who gives direction and valuable goals for the party’s vision-mission; he is our guide,” he stressed.

The unanimous support of the Regional Representative Council of the Gerindra Party encouraged Prabowo Subianto to return as Chairman during the congress, allowed in the party’s statutes/by-laws. Deputy Chairman of the Gerindra Party Sufmi Dasco Ahmad asserted that if there was input from the structure below from the level of the regional leadership to the branch leadership in several provinces which later supported Prabowo to become the General Chairman again, it was legal and guaranteed by law. “All those who have already implemented rapimda issued a recommendation to support Pak Prabowo as the General Chair of the Gerindra Party in the future,” he said at the Parliament building, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (03/10/2020).

According to him, until now there has been no Gerindra DPD that issued recommendations for other candidates. He denied the claim of Sandiaga Uno, who allegedly had received support from several leaders in the area to become a candidate for the general chair. Dasco explained the official support of becoming the general chairperson was delivered in stages, starting from the sub-branches to the central level. The Deputy Speaker of the Indonesian House of Representatives claimed that all regions supported Prabowo Subianto to become the chairperson again.

As is well known, some time ago it was rumored that there were requests from several DPCs that the Deputy Chairperson of the Gerindra Party Board of Trustees, Sandiaga Uno, become a candidate for leadership at the Gerindra Party congress. “I respect Sandi if he has the support he claims. But until now only the name Prabowo has been officially promoted by Gerindra leaders in various regions,” he stressed.

Dasco admitted that Prabowo has not yet responded to the support of the regional leadership. But he was sure that the cadre aspirations would be heeded by Prabowo. The Deputy Speaker of the Indonesian House of Representatives said Prabowo would be ready to accept the mandate to lead Gerindra again even though there was no official stance given by Prabowo. “We have never asked Mr. Prabowo and Mr. Prabowo also never said anything. But it feels like the opinion of the party structure will be heeded,” he said.

Dasco admitted that until now he did not know the dynamics that developed ahead of the Gerindra Party congress, which will be held in 2020. “The date and month are not yet set, but this year is certain. Yes, we do not know about political dynamics. We will see,” he said.

In line with Dasco, Gerindra General Secretary Ahmad Muzani previously said Prabowo would come back as a general chairman candidate. According to him, there was no other case in the Gerindra Party Congress. “No. There are no other candidates. God willing, only Pak Prabowo will go forward. I think if we are in agreement. There is no difference of opinion,” Muzani said in the Parliament building, Senayan, Jakarta.

However, he has not explained the party congress schedule in detail. The congress will be decided through a meeting of the DPP and DPD Gerindra. “Yes, in 2020. We will get a time and place with local leaders. We will hold a national leadership meeting (rapimnas) to decide on the implementation of the congress,” Muzani said.

Another Gerindra Deputy Chairperson, Fadli Zon, said that all Gerindra Party cadres hoped that Prabowo would become Chairman again. Therefore, he believes that there is no likelihood for a new Chairman in the Gerindra Party. “So I am sure that Pak Prabowo will lead Gerindra back for the next period,” he said.

Furthermore, Fadli said, Prabowo was chosen as the General Chair of the Gerindra Party to prepare for the 2024 Election. He acknowledged that Gerindra Party wanted its best cadre to be in the executive position. (Dan)


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