All can enjoy exciting games at home

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

 IO – Undergoing physical distancing and doing all your activities at home can be very boring. Apart from having to work, you need to spend time with your family to do something fun in #BetterAtHome. While waiting to break the fast, you can overcome boredom by gardening, cooking, or watching movies together. 

In addition, playing games with the family is another exciting choice you can do with brother, sister, father and mother. Invite them to play together on their cellphones. You can download a number of game applications from Google Play Store to play on smartphones. Want to know what games you can try with relatives using the OPPO A12 device? 

1. UNO 

The UNO card game with special printed cards is quite exciting to be played together with the family. This game can be played via a smartphone now. UNO game is only 181MB, so it is quite small compared to its 64GB storage capacity in OPPO A12. The game is even more exciting because there are features to compete with your family members in tournament mode. 

2. HAGO 

HAGO provides various kinds of games that you can choose from, such as brain fighting, knife throwing and many more. You can invite your family to play HAGO and duel. One of the games is Ludo King: the player will be asked to collect seeds into the box in the middle, and if you drop ludo then the game will return to the beginning. The game is 83MB to be downloaded to a smartphone device. However, you need to make sure the Wi-Fi network at home is smooth enough to be able to play more comfortably. 

3. QuizUp 

QuizUp is a trivia game or quiz about certain interests or favorite topics that can connect millions of users around the world. Through this game you can choose a variety of topics ranging from general knowledge, logos, sports, Harry Potter, Disney, action films, internet, video games and much more. The background music adds to the excitement of this 64MB-sized game when played with family at home. 

The three light games can reunite the sense of family togetherness, in addition to driving away feeling bored while at home. Before playing, make sure you check the battery power on the smartphone. OPPO A12, for example, has a 4230mAh battery capacity that is equipped with the Smart Power Saver feature, so that it can save battery power when used for playing games a long time. 

If the game is running, you can activate Game Assistant to avoid various distractions. Through this feature, you can continue the game without having to miss phone calls or incoming messages to your cellphone.