Alif Sholihin wins bronze award at 2020 SEAGIC international

Alif Sholihin, a winner again, this time at 2020 SEAGIC. (Photo: UNS)

IO, Solo – Alif Sholihin, a final year student of the Fine Arts Education Study Program, Teacher’s Training and Education Faculty, Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta again won an award for a poster competition at the international level. Alif won the 2020 Southeast Asia Global Innovation Challenge (SEAGIC) held by the American Chemical Society Malaysia Chapter in collaboration with Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) and UTP Fundamental & Applied Sciences.

Alif won a bronze award or was ranked third out of 207 participants from various countries in Southeast Asia. Through visual language, the poster design is used as a medium to educate the public.

“Stay at home is an effective way to stop the spread of Covid-19. The idea for this poster came from a conspiracy about a time machine, so I drafted a letter from a future surrounded by viruses. The letter contains a mathematical formula to stop the spread of Covid-19, namely 2019 + 1 = positive Covid-19; 2019 + 1 + at home = negative Covid-19,” he said as quoted by, Tuesday (9/2/2021).

He added that the poster development process took four days. Two days are spent searching for and finalizing concepts, one day for making the final sketch, and one day for the digitization process. Initially, he joined this competition to fill his spare time while waiting for the thesis correction from his supervisor.

“Especially for the SEAGIC competition, I was a little bit rushed in preparing the work to be submitted. The deadline for submitting the work and the thesis consultation schedule crammed together. Then I decided to prepare for the competition work first because I saw a chance to become a winner in this competition,” he stated.

Alif said he was happy because he won the award. “So, the work I submitted is an old work that happens to have the same size and theme. I just registered and submitted it. Praise God, my work, which was awarded the winner of the poster design category in the International Multimedia Engineering Technology Competition, was also able to win a bronze award at the 2020 SEAGIC event.”

Through this achievement, Alif hopes that other students can continue to excel even though lectures are conducted online. “I see that this pandemic provides several benefits, one of which is that we as students can take part in international competitions, online summer schools, Harvard Model United Nations, and other events without the hassle of managing SPPD, TOR, RAB, visas, and so on. Even though the activities are virtual, I think this provides a bigger opportunity for us to go further,” he said. (est)