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Alice at Langham’s Authentic British afternoon tea


Jakarta, IO – Ahh, the world-famous English afternoon tea. The tradition proudly established by Anna, 7th Duchess of Bedford, in 1840 has since taken root as a quaint, quintessential piece of “Englishness” worldwide. 

As “Englishness” becomes synonymous with “cultured”, the afternoon tea goes global and starred hotels worldwide offer afternoon tea packages as part of their attraction. Naturally, Naturally, British hotel chain Langham pays respect to this noble tradition by opening the Alice Tea Hall in its Jakarta branch. Three guesses and the first two don’t count – it’s inspired by British author Lewis Carroll’s tea time adventure, Alice in Wonderland. 

elegant platters in bird cages
For afternoon tea at Alice The Langham Jakarta, the snacks are served in eccentric, elegant platters in bird cages.
elegant platters in bird cages
Both savory and sweet snacks are available to complement your tea at Alice The Langham Jakarta.

Located in Jakarta’s prestigious SCBD area, The Langham Jakarta provides a calm spot for a cosmopolitan clientele that appreciates moments of relaxed elegance amid their busy work days – local and expatriate professionals and entrepreneurs who work in nearby buildings. With its black marble and bronze features offsetting the all-white elegance of its dining space, Alice merges the concept of a boutique bar with that of a café – well, tea hall – in a space that may rival any elegant establishment in Queen Elizabeth’s London town. 

Alice is located on Langham’s ground floor. It officially opens for business on 9 March 2022. Able to seat a maximum of 112 patrons, it opens three times a day, seven days a week, to serve busy urbanites: in the morning for brunch (07.30 a.m. to 13.00 p.m.), afternoon tea (13.30 p.m. to 18.00 p.m.), and dinner (18.00 p.m. to 22.00 p.m.). 

Alice Billionaire Burger
Alice Billionaire Burger, with 30-day dry aged Angus beef patty, and juicy foie gras and truffle mushroom in the dressing.
Alice’s Chicago Burger
Alice’s Chicago Burger is no less a treat than its famed Billionaire Burger.

Afternoon tea at Alice’s is fascinating. The wholly British ambience, the décor, the menu food and beverages all bring to mind the tea sophisticated Londoners enjoy every day. Alexander Poindl, The Langham Jakarta’s General Manager, explains why tea time is the most exquisite time at Alice’s: “We have so many sweet and savory delicacies that are recreated from the characteristic dishes from the Hotel’s homeland of England,” he said. “Afternoon tea is synonymous with snacks, such as mini sandwiches, scones, mini cakes and cookies. However, people who want to have high tea or a heartier fare can choose something like the Alice Billionaire – our burger super luxury burger. For the patty, we use 30-day dry aged Angus beef, put juicy foie gras and truffle mushroom in the dressing, and cover it in 24-karat edible gold. Our afternoon tea menu is divided into five categories: tartines or pastries, pastas, salads, burgers and sandwiches, and cookies.” 

Alice’s serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Its signature alcoholic cocktails is the Alice Sgroppino, made of a mixture of vodka, lemon sorbet, cream, and yuzu orange. Or you might want to try the Alice Coffee Martini (XO Cafe, Irish cream, Grand Marnier, and Langham espresso blend)? Or instead of mixes, you might opt for real French champagne, or the house gin – one of the best in Jakarta! 

Saumon avec Beurre Blanc
Saumon avec Beurre Blanc (Salmon with White Butter), a lovely dish to complement your High Tea at Alice The Langham Jakarta.

Alice’s bartenders transform teas into adventurous non-alcoholic beverages, such as Tropical (an Earl Grey tea, passion fruit, lemon juice, and mango juice mix), or Pink Calamansi (pink samba tea, pineapple juice, and calamansi). 

Like its namesake, the Alice Tea Hall has characteristic Wonderland motifs on the china, silverware, and decor: card suits and numbers, roses, high hats, rabbits. The mysterious scene is even underscored with the repeating of its caged lighting on the table – where the dainty tea snacks are presented in caged three-tiered serving platters for visual glamor. 

Langham’s Executive Sous Chef Giles Langford admitted that Alice’s primary dishes are inspired by the fare in Parisian bistros – such as the Wagyu Beef Tartare. “And for seafood lovers, we serve small, single-bite Lobster Doughnuts. they may be of a dainty size, but a huge sensation in each bite,” he said during Alice’s Opening. 

Afternoon tea at Alice The Langham Jakarta is even more refined with the gentle sounds of the piano playing the works of great composers serenading in the background. Come and enjoy! The ambience makes it easier for you to keep privacy and safety by subtly enforcing physical distance. (fred)


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