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Ali Budimansyah: Auctions jersey, remembers Glenn Fredly


IO –  Indonesian basketball legend Ali Budimansyah is obeying the government’s call to stay home during the Covid 19 pandemic. 

“Like it or not, we must stay at home and must be happy,” Budi said. As his social media reveals, Budi looks to be enjoying time with his family. The former national team guard was playing in the rain with his two children. He also uploaded the moment when his wife Santiyani Lestari cut his hair. 

Budi tried to take the time to exercise. “Sometimes I do fitness at home, but more often I take the children to walk around the complex,” he said. 

Budi also participates in social programs against Corona. “I made a replica of my jersey when I was selected for the 1998 Asian All Stars team. The number is limited to only 50 jerseys. All profit will be donated,” he said. 

Budi admitted that he did not fully stay at home. He had left the house four times during his stay at home. 

“I went to YPK Wijaya High School to get together with the children to see the making of Glenn Fredly’s face mural at the YPK substation,” he said. 

Glenn was a famous Indonesian singer who had just died. Glenn was also known to have a hobby of playing basketball with YPK Wijaya alumni. 

Budi is not a YPK graduate; he is an alumnus of SMA Negeri 3 Jakarta, but his friendship with YPK children is very close, even like brothers. Until now they are still playing together. 

“Since grade 1 of high school I have often played at YPK. Even though at that time, during the brawl period, many other school children who did not dare pass YPK, I played there instead,” Budi said. 

“Glenn and I graduated in 1994, we were all like brothers,” he recalled. Glenn also often played basketball on the YPK basketball court. 

“That’s why we painted Glenn’s face. We have many memories with him,” he said. (rp) 


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