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Alan Walker set to captivate Jakarta with Walkerworld Asia Tour 2024


Jakarta, IO – Alan Walker is set to bring a spectacular and lively perfor – mance to Indonesia with his Walkerworld Asia Tour 2024 tour series, on Saturday (8/6/2024) at Phantom PIK 2 Ground Park, North Jakarta. The show will feature Robin Packalen, Sofiloud and Putri Ariani, as well as a collaboration between Walker and school teacher Tri Adianata and his four students. Promoted by Color Asia Live and Prestige Promotions, the show promises an unforgettable and compelling electronic music scene. 

Rudy Salim, Chairman of Prestige Promotions, commented on the collaboration with Color Asia Live. “We are proud to bring renowned international DJ Alan Walker, who is currently on tour series, to Indonesia. Alan’s incredible enthusiasm and the Walkers (a name for his online community of fans) motivate us to create an unforgettable experience for you on June 8. Get ready to sing along and party all night long with top hits from Alan Walker, who will perform with his friends Robin Packalen, Sofiloud and our national sweetheart, singer Putri Ariani. Let’s become part of this historical moment,” said Rudy. 

David Ananda, Managing Director of Color Asia Live, is overjoyed to take part in the “Alan Walker – Walkerworld Asia Tour 2024” in Jakarta. “This is more than just a concert; it’s a musical experience that will bring fans closer to the world of Alan Walker. Get ready to watch a performance that will shake Phantom PIK 2 Ground Park with phenomenal energy and music,” said David. 

Untung Pranoto, CEO of Prestige Promotions, conveyed that his company is committed to perpetually bringing the best for music lovers in Indonesia. “By holding “Alan Walker – Walkerworld Asia Tour 2024” in Jakarta, we want to show that Indonesia can be a main stage for major international music events. Visitors can expect high production standards, guaranteed security and, of course, a spectacular Alan Walker performance,” promised Untung. 

Meanwhile, Walker’s latest single, “In Your Eyes”, in collaboration with Indonesian power couple Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina, has been officially released only for the Indonesian market. The song combines the beat of Walker’s electronic music and Raffi-Nagita’s musical talent into an inspiring and motivating anthem. 

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“In Your Eyes” celebrates the power of passion and hope. Its uplifting lyrics and catchy melody are fitting for various settings and channeling positive energy to its listeners. 

Raffi Ahmad gave his two cents on a rare and precious collaboration with Alan Walker. “Alan’s music, which has a strong signature, combined with our subtlety, has powered new energy to my musical career. Thank you for the support; the single ‘In Your Eyes’ is now officially released in Indonesia.” 

Nagita Slavina added that singing with Alan Walker in “In Your Eyes” was a one-of-a-kind opportunity. “This song was recorded in October last year, and it was finally released today. It is full of inspirational messages, and its catchy melody makes everyone want to stay listening to it. I hope the song can be a source of inspiration for everyone who catches it and can promote Indonesian music to a wider international world,” she said. (des/ast)


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