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Aku Pintar Guru (APG) facilitates teacher understanding of student interests and talents


IO, Jakarta – The role of guidance and counseling (BK) in education cannot be underestimated. In contrast to “subject teachers” who are often the center of the teaching and learning process in the classroom, “counseling teachers” play a more important role in supporting the success of student learning. BK teachers assist students in learning to nurture intelligence and maturity, with important guidance and counseling services for students when they encounter problems. Ideally, a counseling teacher should be able to understand well the personality, character, shortcomings, and strengths of their students. 

Counseling teachers must also have a similar understanding in providing direction to students regarding their talents and majors, as the selection of schools and major fields of study is very important, especially in determining careers and futures. This should be planned out from the time the child is in junior high and high school. Unfortunately, guidance and counseling teachers are often confined by time constraints and limited facilities and infrastructure in conducting individual aptitude interest tests on students, not to mention that for each test that is carried out the results also require separate time for evaluation. 

PT Aku Pintar Indonesia, through the Aku Pintar Guru (APG) application, answers the needs of BK teachers in particular. APG is an application for teachers that simplifies the learning process in understanding the needs of each student, based on test results revealing interests and talents, as defined from the Smart Interests feature in the Aku Pintar application for students. 

APG is intended for all teachers, including tutors and courses, but in this educational stage, an introduction is made to counsel teachers. Currently, the APG application can be downloaded via the Play Store on Android with a minimum specification of Android 5.1 (Lolipop) or any type of smartphone that has been released in the last 5 years. 

APG Training for BK Teachers throughout Indonesia 

In July 2020, Aku Pintar, in collaboration with the BK Teacher Home (RGBK) Forum, introduced the Smart BK Teacher Program which begins with APG Application Training for BK Teachers throughout Indonesia. RGBK is a communication medium for BK teachers and education observers on educational problems in general and aspects of growth child development in particular. 

In addition, some of the materials in this training include the Interest and Talent Assessment Concept in BK Services, DISC Talent Analysis Methods, RIASEC, and Multiple Intelligence, the analytical methods used in Aku Pintar, Aku Pintar Application for students and APG Application Simulation/Field Practices. 

For the first and fourth days, training was conducted virtually through the Zoom webinar, while on the second and third days the participants conducted direct trials with their students in using the Aku Pintar Guru (APG) and Aku Pintar application for students. 

“The cooperative program for APG Application Training for BK Teachers was welcomed positively by them. The hope is that with RGBK, Aku Pintar will consistently empower the role of counseling teachers as a reference source for determining student talent interests, and will be able to help students further their careers,” said Ana Susanti, Founder of RGBK in Jakarta on Thursday, August 6, 2020. 

Yusandi Rezki Fadhil, the psychological counselor of Aku Pintar in the APG Application Training for BK Teachers, explained that the Smart Interest Test in the Aku Pintar application for students uses the DISC, RIASEC, and Multiple Intelligence talent analysis methods. 

“Every student is special because they have their characters and potentials so that teachers are expected to be able to understand the character of each one. APG helps to make learning activities effective by providing an overview of the character, potential, and talents of each student so that teachers can provide suggestions to select and pursue their careers correctly in the future,” observed Yusandi. 


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