Akram Mubarak, The Best Intelligence Ambassador for the Environment of South and West Sulawesi

Akram Mubarak (right) will focus on the coastal areas and the agricultural sector. (Photo: IPB)

IO, Bogor – Akram Mubarak, a IPB University student from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK), managed to make a meaningful achievement in the selection of Environmental Ambassadors for South and West Sulawesi (Sulselbar) 2020. Akram, his nickname, succeeded in becoming The Best Intelligence and Top 10 Environmental Ambassador for Sulselbar 2020 after competing closely with 35 other finalists.

Akram’s participation in this event was not an accident, as he feels called to be dedicated to the environment and is concerned about the worsening situation. “So I decided to take part in the election for the South Sulawesi Environmental Ambassador,” he said as quote by ipb.ac.id, Monday (12/10/2020).

He managed to outperform 35 finalists who were previously selected from 80 participants. “This activity was attended by more than 80 people from various regions in South and West Sulawesi. However, there were 35 finalists who passed to fight in the provincial arena,” explained the

student of Leadership Dormitory and Agricultural Struggle Cadre.

His success in this event was not easy: he said he had to go through various stages. Starting from file selection, registration, technical meetings, pre-tests, interviews, talents, visits to the governor’s office, hearings to the environmental service, and the last stage in the grand final. “In this activity I received a digital environmental education and utilized plastic as an asset, no longer considering it as a burden,” he said.

Following this activity, Akram will focus on The Environmental Dedication Center, concentrating on coastal areas and the agricultural sector. This is in accordance with his background as a fisheries student from the nation’s best agricultural campus. “In the coastal sector there is Coastal Education (Duper) as a form of community empowerment participation,” he said.

He hopes that in the future, he can move and participate actively with the government, community and society to create a more beautiful and cleaner environment. Hopefully the millennials will be more aware of environmental concerns, because caring starts with simple things. Like not littering, sorting trash, then discarding it according to its place, using a tumbler to use a tote bag as a substitute for plastic. “The most important thing is that Millennials are able to implement zero waste living or a lifestyle to reduce waste,” he added.

The selection of Environmental Ambassadors was held by Sahabat Pemuda Prestasi Indonesia Foundation (YASPPI) while implementing health protocols. (est)