AJI: Indonesian journalists must be at the forefront of climate change campaign

save children
The launching of Climate Generation by Save the Children Indonesia at Kemang, Friday (22/4). (IO/Ricardo Ronald)

Jakarta, IO – The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) chairman Sasmito Madrim asked Indonesian journalists to have more sensitivity toward the impacts of climate change in Indonesia by writing more about the issue.

“We hope that Indonesian can have more sensitivity in campaigning about the impact of climate change. For example, using data-driven journalism, investigative journalism or covering the economy impact of environmental damage,” said Sasmito during the launch of Climate Generation Action campaign by Save the Children Indonesia, AJI and the Environment and Forestry Ministry (KLKH) in Kemang, Friday (22/4).

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He said AJI Indonesia is currently focusing on implementing various programs concerning the impact of climate change, for example through collaboration with individuals and groups, as well as the government in various events aimed at educating journalists about the issue.