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Airy, Classy Retro Vibes: Cafélulu, Kemang


IO, Jakarta – Following its success with classic luxury restaurants set up around Jakarta’s business center, such as the Sofia at Gunawarman Hotel, Syah Establishments has opened Cafélulu, a new place at Lippo Mall Kemang. Located just next to the mall’s main entrance, Cafélulu serves an intercontinental menu and has a subtle, airy retro interior offset with fresh green plants. The quaint, quiet design scheme of Cafélulu has already made it a new favorite among young socialites.

As it is located right in the main lobby of Lippo Mall Kemang, Cafélulu is very easy to access. It is busiest and bustling during brunch and lunch, as mothers wait for their children to finish school and schoolchildren drop in for a quick after-school snack. In the afternoon, fewer people hang out here and eat, some taking advantage of the lull. At dinner time, it becomes crowded again with employees who have finished their work day and are just waiting for the rush hour to end.

The main favorites on the Cafélulu menu include continental favorites like pasta and pizza, and Asian dishes such as kampong-style fried rice (‘nasi goring kampoeng’), a fusion dish mixed with exotic quinoa grains, and dry ramen (egg noodle, teriyaki chicken meat and skin, and onsen egg) seasoned with various herbs and spices. Light-yet-filling gourmet offerings are its main attraction.

The café has garnered support through its Instagram campaign. Photos of it show an airy white-and-pink wood jungalow dining space with bamboo stools, rattan chairs, blown-glass lamps, and, naturally, potted palms. It brings back memories of just chilling out at the trading post, but with a cleaner, more urbanized style.  It reminds you to slow down and enjoy your lovely meal, and just let the sands of time pour quietly with the winds.

Once you have your main dish, why not relax and have some dessert? There is the churro ice cream sandwich, a classic creamy vanilla offering served with the Spanish churro sprinkles of cinnamon sugar. Or perhaps you’d prefer a chocolate bomb? It’s a decadent, filling creamy goodness of vanilla custard, honey bomb crunch, and butterscotch bits – with chocolate sauce aplenty, naturally.

Cafélulu opens from 10.00 a.m. to 22.00 p.m., extending to 1.00 a.m. on weekends.

(Muhammad Akbar)


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